Spousal Support

Types of Support Available in Michigan

Michigan offers four types of spousal support:

  • temporary

  • periodic

  • permanent, and

  • lump-sum (alimony in gross.)

Factors for the court to consider

In Michigan, while there is no set formula, judges must consider various factors to determine whether to award spousal support/alimony and if so, how much. In addition to considering the length of the marriage, judges also evaluate the following factors:

  • both spouse’s incomes

  • the parties’ past relations and conduct

  • each spouse’s ability to work

  • the source and amount of property awarded to the parties in the divorce

  • the age and health of each party

  • the financial situation of each party

  • the needs of each spouse

  • the prior standard of living of the parties and whether the parties support other dependents

  • each parties’ contribution to the marital estate

  • whether a spouse’s conduct caused the divorce

  • how cohabitation affects a party’s financial status, and

  • any other general principles of equity.

The court will try to award an amount sufficient to allow the receiving spouse to maintain a home and a reasonable standard of living and may also include an award of attorney fees.

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